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Engineering Project

kSPL mentors students who want to showcase their interests by implementing solar engineering techniques in their Mini Project and Major Project of their Engineering Curriculum. The kSPL team nurtures this interest of students by guiding them to build solar projects, come up with their ideas and provide them industrial support and make their fundamentals strong.

The Engineering projects can be done in a group of 3-4 students; students can select the project from the given list or can come up with their own ideas.

  • The 1st visit will be for a period of 4 days
  • Theory, block diagram explanation (project explanation), circuit explanation and software tutorials (if any) will be conducted during this visit.
  • The required components will be handover to the students.
  • Component mounting and soldering job will be assigned to the students, by the end of 1st visit.
  • The students should complete the assigned work within a period of two weeks, from the end of 1st visit. The company won’t be responsible for incomplete soldering/circuit mounting by the students.
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  • The 2nd visit will be after 15 days from the end of 1st visit.
  • This visit will comprise ONLY of circuit debugging.
  • The output will be shown & completion signature will be taken from the students along with the faculty coordinator.
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Solar SparQ is a social initiative of kWatt and we are looking for “Making Students Solar Smart”, and keeping note of student’s pockets, fees has been kept very nominal, affordable to students. Here is the fees structure tabulated below

# Training Program Duration Visits Fees (INR)/student The fees is inclusive of 5% VAT
1 Mini Engineering Project
2 Visits
2 Major Engineering Project
2 Visits